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Message from Registrar


It is my honor to be part of the Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC) as a Registrar. Health Sciences fall within the comprehensive discipline of medicine. However, the main goal is to deliver standard healthcare practices to our community in terms of diagnosis and management of diseases, prediction and protection against infectious diseases, increasing awareness in public health and providing supportive management and rehabilitation. In recent times, it has become crucially more important to ensure that our health professionals are highly competent and encouraged for ethical health practices.

NHPC was established in 1997 AD to legalize and mobilize health professionals to make effective health services in Nepal. Currently, NHPC is a pioneer regulatory body which provides registration of health professionals with multidisciplinary backgrounds in various levels of academic qualification ranging from basic training (TSLC) to university graduates. It includes a variety of health disciplines and other related paramedics. In order to deliver quality education and training to these healthcare professionals, NHPC regularly monitors and standardizes the academic institution of health sciences in Nepal so as to bring all health professionals excluding doctors and nurses into a legal system so as to make their services effective and timely, and in a scientific manner.

Today as Nepal is heading towards becoming a prosperous nation, NHPC is determined to provide trained-quality healthcare workers to aid the need for advancement of medical sciences. It is our responsibility to meet the sustainable development goals by focusing on the needs and requisites of a well-trained health professionals in our community and nation. As a registrar, I will contribute and give my best to whatever it takes to produce highly trained human resources in health sciences that can meet international standards. I will commit myself fully to achieve the vision and aims of NHPC through my experiences and knowledge that I have gathered over the years.

We respect our healthcare workers for their endless sacrifices and services they provide to our community. NHPC will therefore work closely with our healthcare professionals to ensure that we provide quality health services in Nepal. We will also be continuously working on the efficiency of the working environment in the daily activities of the office by upgrading its digital activities to ensure its quality and effectiveness. I look forward to all our members cooperation on this and welcome any constructive feedback or suggestion to further improve the Council.

Mr. Puspa Raj Khanal

Contact Us

977-1-4373118, 1-4375079
Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC) Bansbari, Kathmandu, Nepal
Total registered professionals
Male Female Other Total
Dentistry 213 783 0 996
General Medicine 12894 10429 3 23326
Laboratory Medical Sciences 5535 11350 8 16893
Miscellaneous & Traditional Medicine 246 233 6 485
Optometry Science 964 1030 0 1994
Physical therapy and C. B. R. 695 860 3 1558
Public Health 1778 2455 18 4251
Radiology / Imaging 1090 828 0 1918
Total 23415 27968 38 51421